Ocean Action Hub

A range of voluntary commitments for the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14 is expected to be announced at the Oceans Conference in June 2017. National consultations will be facilitated to support the development of voluntary commitments.

What are voluntary commitments?

  • Voluntary commitments are pledges that support SDG 14 implementation.
  • They are expected to be specific in nature, quantified where possible, focused on delivering on one or more target(s) under SDG 14.

Who can commit to conserve and promote the sustainable use of oceans, seas and marine resources?

Any entity that is committed to taking action on sustainable ocean use at any level.  This can include:

  • Governments (national, provincial, local), regional intergovernmental organizations, NGOs, community-based organizations, academia, and the private sector. Where appropriate, United Nations organizations, International Financial Institutions, bi-lateral donors, and philanthropic organizations can be indicated as partners in Voluntary Commitments.

How can someone or entity host a national consultation?

  • A guidance note on hosting a national consultation will be released in the Ocean Action Hub in March 2017.

  • Any country can host a national consultation. Ideally this should be an initiative of one or more organizations. Interested organizations and individuals are encouraged to partner with national or local government offices.
  • Information on national consultations being organized around the world will be available here.
Individuals/organizations can register their commitments online at the Ocean Conference website.
The commitments platform was officially launched on 15 February 2017.