Ocean Action Hub

28 Oct 2020 - SeaAhead Inc. and the New England Aquarium in Boston, USA have selected the first cohort of six startup businesses for the BlueSwell Incubator Program to promote ocean health, sustainable ocean industries and global resilience and inspire others:

  1. SeaDeep: Enhanced 3D sea-floor ocean imaging
  2. VINCI VR: Highly realistic, effective, and low-cost VR training
  3.  H2Ok: IoT-enabled data analytics platform enabling water-dependent businesses and communities to be proactive in managing water quality​​
  4. The Oyster Common: An AI-powered marketplace for local seafood​ that enables farmers to connect with restaurants and customers through a virtual fishmonger​
  5. Hydronet: Underwater networks of acoustic modems that provide scalable, high-speed Wi-Fi services for critical assets underwater​
  6. AKUA: A plant-based food company creating burgers, pasta, and jerky from ocean-farmed seaweed 

Learn more here: https://blueswell.sea-ahead.com/cohort1

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New England Aquarium
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The Blue Economy