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2 Jan 2020 - Loss of wetlands has forced locally endangered fishing cats in Sri Lanka to move into the city, looking for food and survival. UNDP supports conservation efforts to protect the wetlands and these wild cats.

When one of the cats was caught on camera padding across Nugegoda junction in the city, it was enough to make headlines. After all, you didn’t expect to find the second largest wildcat in the country, confidently striding through an urban area. It also made Colombo the only known large city in the world where wild fishing cats have been recorded. For Anya, there could be no clearer demonstration that the animals had found a way to live among humans. However, this didn’t mean they were safe.

Though their rounds took them far and wide, the wetlands abutting the city were home for the cats. In Diyasaru Park alone an estimated six cats roamed free. 

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