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31 Jan 2019 - Gator Halpern, winner of the Young Champion of the Earth award 2018 in Latin America and the Caribbean, and his team at Coral Vita are off to a flying start in 2019.  

They are building the world’s first commercial, land-based coral farm, to restore our planet’s dying coral reefs. The world has already lost half of all coral reefs, making Halpern’s mission more urgent than ever.

Combining techniques in science and research with tremendous developments in the private sector, the Coral Vita team is stepping up in 2019.

 “Last month was crazy, with the team attending a range of conferences and events. Coral Vita won the Ocean Exchange pitch competition, and we were part of a team that won the XPrize Visioneering competition—there will now be an XPrize on reef restoration,” said Halpern.

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