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A social initiative driven by youth in Bali, Indonesia to get people to say NO to plastic bags!

'Bye Bye Plastic Bags' has registered its commitment to The Ocean Conference to make Bali plastic bag-free by 2018. This commitment is focused on SDG target 14.1 to reduce marine pollution. 

Founders and sisters, Melati (15) and Isabel (13) Wijsen started Bye Bye Plastic Bags in 2013 when they were inspired by a lesson about people who have changed the world. They went home that day and thought, “What can we do as children living in Bali, what can we do NOW?”

Bye Bye Plastic Bags was born and now has a volunteer team of 25-30 students from all schools around Bali, local and international. It has become a well-known international movement of inspiration, youth empowerment, and of course, saying no to plastic bags. Their approach includes working with the government to implement their educational booklet in the Bali school system; advocating for businesses to become plastic bag free and distributing alternative bags to local shops. 

Read more about Bye Bye Plastic Bags' commitment in the Commitment Registry: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/?id=14672#sthash.S0GYMaEa.dpuf

Feeling inspired? Register your commitment – big or small – to protect the ocean here: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/

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