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10 Mar 2020 - IADB - Due to its unique geography, the Caribbean faces many challenges – and the climate crisis is only exacerbating them.

Countries in the Caribbean tend to have a rough time when it comes to extreme weather like hurricanes.

Due to their geography, they’re usually more susceptible to disasters and extreme weather events, have limited access to freshwater and land for agriculture, and scarce development options and international trade opportunities.

The climate crisis risks exacerbating this precarious situation. Last August, Hurricane Dorian’s destructive path across The Bahamas left damages of around $3.4 billion.

The islands of the Caribbean know these challenges all too well and are stepping up with innovative solutions. Emerging interest around the Blue Economy is just one of these.

For example, The Sustainable Islands Platform (SIsP) is looking at the best ways to support island territories in their pursuit of sustainability and prosperity.

Developed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the platform exists under three founding pillars that are closely related: Climate Resilience, Circular Economy, and Blue Economy – the latter is a model which can significantly support economic growth in the region.

Although there are different interpretations of the term Blue Economy, it is rooted in the idea of the sustainable use of the oceans.

More specifically, and in the context of the SIsP, Blue Economy looks at the way oceans are a driver for welfare and prosperity. In short, growth is at the heart of the Blue Economy.

At the same time – considering that oceans also regulate our climate, provide us with food, social and cultural identity, and give us half the oxygen we breathe – there is a collective responsibility to support ocean health.

The islands of the Caribbean are particularly dependent on healthy oceans and with the countless natural services that the surrounding sea provides.

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Climate Change News.com
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Gerard Alleng, Inter-American Development Bank