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8 Jun 2020 - This year, owing to the coronavirus pandemic, UN World Oceans Day is a free, all-digital event that’s open to all. Streamed from 10am to 5pm EDT (UTC−04:00) on 8 June, the event aims to raise global awareness about the abundance our ocean provides humankind, and our individual and collective duty to use its resources sustainably.

The programme includes keynote speeches, panels, and presentations involving business leaders, scientists, youth leaders, cultural innovators, celebrities, and others, with a focus on this year’s theme: Innovation for a Sustainable Ocean.

At 12:40PM, Ellen Cuylaerts, curator of the UN World Oceans Day Photo Competition, hosted by DPG, will be joined by the contest judges—Adriana Basques, Adam Hanlon, Jill Heinerth, Darren Jew, Jane Morgan, Amos Nachoum, Miriam Stein Battles, David Salvatori, and John Thet—to announce this year’s winners. DPG will be announcing the winners shortly after, at 2PM EST.

Watch online here: UNWorldOceansDay.org/2020.

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