Ocean Action Hub

The United Nations Information Center in Lima (CINU Lima) together with the local organization The Millennials Movement (TMM) will promote the Oceans Conference among young students so that they can replicate the key messages of the Conference and SDG 14 in schools.

Two launch events will be organized with two schools in Lima, followed by a series of presentations and promotional activities by TMM in more schools in Lima and provinces, after the Conference.

These presentations aim at raising awareness about the impact the oceans have on our lives. Also, about how future generations are key to keeping the oceans healthy.

Then, a selected group of students from each school will be trained in the subject and will be responsible for generating action plans in their schools that will be implemented throughout the year with the support of their own schools, which will be evaluated by The Millennials Movement.

UNIC Lima will provide information material and participate in the main presentations and trainings.

Educational graphic materials that will be distributed among the participants include:

  • Shared Commitment Cards: for school students who jointly want to commit to concrete actions to protect our oceans.
  • Thematic postcards: Thematic postcards will allow the students to join a list of requests to be presented to decision makers (president, local mayor, school authorities, etc.)
  • Mini magazine for schoolchildren: It explains what the Ocean Conference is and its scope in a clear and friendly way. The material includes an explanation of the Peruvian ocean, resources, importance, problems and tips to protect it with simple actions at home.
  • Informative triptychs: Aimed at young and adult population to sensitize the population about the conference of oceans, their scope and actions that can be taken from home to reduce the pollution of the Peruvian ocean.
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