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22 Jul 2020 - The coastal and marine environment supports tourism and fishing, critical to the Maldives economy. Without ecosystem conservation and funding, it could be lost.

UNDP Blog by Kanni Wignaraja and Akiko Fujii

With 70 percent of its GDP linked to tourism, the COVID-19 wrecking ball has crashed hard into the Maldives economy. UNDP’s latest Assessment on Livelihoods published this month revealed unprecedented impacts on workers in the tourism industry.

There is a precipitous fall in the number of tourists, hotels are closing, related service industries are shredding jobs, and the national budget is haemorrhaging money.  The boarder closure and travel ban during the tourist season will have a dramatic impact on the industry, as well as a ripple effect on the country’s economy, which largely depends on tourism and its related sectors.

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Times Now News
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Kanni Wignaraja, Akiko Fujii