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7 Jan 2019 - Ocean warming leads to more sargassum blooms. Caribbean countries dependent on tourism and fisheries are losing visitors marine life to this invasive weed. Scientists are teaming up with UNDP Mexico to research solutions.

Since 2015, the eastern coast of Mexico’s Yucatan peninsula, the state known as Quintana Roo, has been under siege. An invasion of noxious macroalgae known as Sargassum is decimating the coastal ecosystems along the Riviera Maya, an area known for its pristine beaches and sought out by as many as 45 million visitors annually.

While much of the international attention and news has focused on the effects of Sargassum on tourism, communities up and down the coast are feeling the effects more acutely via disruptions to local ecosystems, and are finding sustainable ways to adapt and preserve balance.

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