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29 Oct 2020 - "The ocean is becoming more acidic, less oxygenated, warmer and sea levels are rising; this is making life harder at all levels in the ocean; from the individual fish, to marine populations, and ecosystems - which in turn, is making it harder for fisheries."

Opinion: Prof Dr Rashid Sumaila, Dr Karina von Schuckmann and Rebecca Hubbard

In September, we had three opportunities to present our work on the interplay between climate change, the ocean and fisheries. Our webinars were aimed at helping MEPs, members of EU Commissioners’ cabinets, and engaged members of the public and media to better understand the challenges facing the ocean, and to spell out the readily available actions that European citizens can take to protect it. We explored how the European Union and its member states can lessen the impacts of climate change on Europe’s seas, by ending the practice of destructive overfishing.

During the same period, commitments made by world leaders on climate action at the UN General Assembly, and the Pledge for Nature at the UN Biodiversity Summit, have highlighted both the global momentum and need for such action to be taken.

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: https://www.euronews.com/2020/10/19/as-climate-change-begins-to-bite-end...

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Prof Dr Rashid Sumaila and Dr Karina von Schuckmann and Rebecca Hubbard
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Sustainable fisheries