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23 Feb 2017 - Computer firm Dell has achieved a new first for the technology industry, after converting waste plastic found on beaches and in waterways into new packaging for one of its laptop products.

Unveiled on Wednesday (22 February) at the World Ocean Summit, the packaging will act as a tray for Dell’s XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop. The company has stated that the packaging will prevent 16,000 pounds of plastic from entering into oceans in 2017.

“I have been in supply chain and operations for twenty years, and this is the first time my 10-year-old daughter has gotten excited about what I do,” Dell’s chief supply chain officer Kevin Brown said.

“This new packaging initiative demonstrates that there are real global business applications for ocean plastics that deliver positive results for our business and planet. We look forward to working across industries for broader impact.”

The packaging will be used from April 30 and will be fitted with information about plastic waste to raise global awareness of the issue. The information provided has been sourced from Dell’s work with its “social good advocate” and actor Adrian Grenier and the Lonely Whale Foundation non-profit.

Each tray, which is commonly recyclable across many locations, will be stamped with the No. 2 recycling symbol. In total, Dell designs its packaging to be more than 93% recyclable by weight. The new trays will consist of 25% ocean waste and 75% HDPE plastics to enhance the recyclability of the products.

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