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4 Mar 2017 - On 3 April 2017, EU Ministers have welcomed with open arms the Communication on International Ocean Governance, which was adopted back in November 2016 by the European Commission and the High Representative.

The ministers called it a “timely and relevant contribution to achieving […]better coordination and cooperation to ensure that oceans are safe, secure, conserved and sustainably used and managed”, while also stressing the fact that there is an urgent need for the EU and its Member States to greatly increase their efforts to protect the seas and oceans of the world.

The Commissioner for Maritime Affairs, Fisheries and Environment , Karmenu Vellu, announced and welcomed the news at the 8th edition of the Monaco Blue Initiative on ocean management and conservation.

During  his speech at the event, Commissioner Vella said : “The EU and its Member States are taking a leading role as global actors to strengthen international ocean governance. Delivering on our agenda for the future of our oceans will allow us to conserve and better use our precious marine resources.”

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