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22 Mar 2019 - Tavua District Secondary School U19 Rugby League team who planted more than 2,500 mangrove seedlings early Saturday morning, 16 March, 2019, in partnership with Tikina Tavua and WWF-Pacific.

While many school students from around the world boycotted classes to demand for action on Climate Change, team mates, supporters and teachers of Tavua District Secondary School decided to take action to fight climate change by planting mangroves as part of the “Living with Change, Resilient Mangroves, Fisheries and People of Fiji and PNG project,”  which is funded by the German government and facilitated by WWF-Pacific.

“I believe it is our responsibility to demonstrate and create awareness that mangroves are so important to our lives and towards fighting climate change and the best way to do that is to support our district protect, and re-plant our mangrove forests, ” said 19 year-old team captain Petero Ratumaitavuki. 

“Planting mangrove seedlings today reminded and reaffirmed what I learnt in my science classes that mangroves helps to fight climate change, stop coastal erosion, cleans the water and most importantly provide us with food and income,” he added.

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