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A case study: The Global Fishing Watch 2012-2016 view of transhipments  

May 2017


Cumulative-biases in fisheries big-data mapping models have a domino effect that inevitably culminates in independent innovative and worthy

technological projects failing to deliver the scientific rigour that is expected of them. Worse still, they open up such projects to the charge that

the over or under-reporting in their findings and the lack of rigour in their statistical analysis is down to politically biased vigilantism, skewed

more towards media environmental activism rather than a true reflection of the situation at sea. Moving from public-facing awareness-raising tools

to credible independent Monitoring Control & Surveillance (MCS) systems that help bring rogue fishing industry to order, such is the challenge

facing the independent fisheries MCS intelligence community.


Download ANNEX 1↗

Download ANNEX 2 [GFW Global View of Transshipments-Report]↗

Download ANNEX 3 [Refrigerated Cargo Vessel List]↗

Download ANNEX 4 [Likely Transshipments]↗

Download ANNEX 5 [Potential Transshipments]↗

Madrid-based FishSpektrum runs Krakken, the world’s largest fishing and fish carrier vessel UVI identifier & tracking database 

resource that provides comprehensive characterisations of over 750.000 fishing vessels (100% updated-coverage of the global 

industrial fishing fleet) from around the world, with more than 120 specific information items per vessel.


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Sustainable fisheries