Ocean Action Hub

What is the Ocean Action Hub?

The Hub is an open interactive website providing information and promoting action globally to implement and achieve Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 14: Life below Water before 2020.

Who can join the Ocean Action Hub?

Anyone with a personal or professional interest in protecting our Ocean is invited to register to join the Ocean Action Hub here >

What can Hub members do?

Registered Hub members can upload information and resources – including blog posts, photos, publications, case studies (country stories) and videos - related to their work or voluntary efforts to protect our Ocean. Click ‘Add resource’ to submit your content (please register and log-in first).

How can I add resources to the Hub?

All registered users of the Ocean Action Hub are invited to contribute resources relevant to implementation of SDG 14: Life Below Water to the Hub. The Hub has been designed as a user-friendly, intuitive tool to share your resources with the Ocean community. Follow the steps here to add your resources to the Hub. Contact info@oceanactionhub.org if you need assistance.

When will I see my content publically available on the Hub?

All content uploaded to the Hub by registered members is first screened by the Hub facilitators for relevance, as per the Code of Conduct, before being added to the Hub's resource base. You can view the content you have uploaded to the Hub at any time under your Hub profile.  

Who runs the Ocean Action Hub?

The Hub is managed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), Sustainable Development Cluster in New York, and is funded by the Government of Sweden. However, the Hub is a neutral space for participants from any community or organization to share their work – from individuals to schools, from UN agencies to NGOs and private sector businesses.

How can I contact the Ocean Action Hub facilitators?

Please get in touch via social media (Twitter and Facebook), email us at: info@oceanactionhub.org or use our contact form here >

How can I receive information from the Ocean Action Hub?

Please subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on social media: Twitter: @OceanActionHub and Facebook: facebook.com/OceanActionHub

How can I recommend a network to be added to the ‘Key Ocean Networks’ page?

Please send details of the network you would like to recommend and why it’s important to highlight it on this page to: info@oceanactionhub.org.

How can I recommend a data source to be added to the ‘Ocean Data Sources’ page?  

Please send details of the data source you would like to recommend and why it’s important to highlight it on this page to: info@oceanactionhub.org.

How is the Ocean Action Hub connected to The Ocean Conference?

The Ocean Action Hub was launched by UNDP and Sweden in December 2016, in advance of The Ocean Conference, in order to promote and enable civil society participation in the Conference via a series of online discussions on each of the key partnership dialogue topics and organizing ‘National Ocean Consultations’ in 27 countries globally. The Hub was highly successful in raising awareness globally of the Voluntary Commitments to the Conference, and contributed to the submission of more than 1,300 Commitments to SDG14. Following the close of the Conference the Hub continues to be maintained as a central source for information on implementation of SDG 14.

Where can I find more information about The Ocean Conference?

The final report of the Conference is available on the official Ocean Conference website here >