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Working together, conservation groups and the seafood industry can be a powerful force for improving the sustainability of seafood and the health of ocean ecosystems.

The goal of this document is to define the kind of fishery improvement projects members of the Conservation Alliance will support (e.g., recognize on the Alliance FIP tracking website and/or recommend business partners participate in or source from). 

The Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions released its first set of guidelines for fishery improvement projects in 2012, with the expectation that these guidelines would need to evolve over time. Since then, the number of fishery improvement projects around the world has increased substantially.

In March 2015, based on feedback from the community and industry and fishery stakeholders, the Conservation Alliance updated the Guidelines for Supporting Fishery Improvement Projects to be as clear as possible and recognize advances in the fishery improvement project landscape. The Alliance also created a glossary to explain key terms used in the guidelines.

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