Ocean Action Hub

All registered users of the Ocean Action Hub are invited to contribute resources relevant to implementation of SDG 14: Life Below Water to the Hub. To add your content, first, REGISTER here: http://www.oceanactionhub.org/user/register. Then, once you have checked your email and verified your account, LOG-IN here: http://www.oceanactionhub.org/user

The Ocean Action Hub has been designed as a user-friendly and intuitive tool to share your resources with the Ocean community. The steps below are provided as a guide to adding your resources to the Hub. Please contact info@oceanactionhub.org if you need any further assistance. Content of all formats is welcomed, including "Country Action" stories and case studies, Documents, Events, News, Photo Galleries, User Blog posts and Videos.

How to add a resource

Depending on the type of resource you select, the data fields will change slightly. Below are the steps to add a Document, but they are similar for other content types.

  1. Once logged in, click on the + plus button on the right of the website ‘Add resource’: http://www.oceanactionhub.org/node/add/resources Complete the form as follows – NB only those marked with an asterisk * are required, but to help users find your resource, please try to complete as many fields as possible:

  1. TYPE OF RESOURCE*: choose Country Action, Document, Event, News, Photo Gallery, User Blog or Video
  2. TITLE*: Enter the Title of the document/resource
  3. IMAGE: Take a screenshot of the cover image/first page of the document or website, save it as a jpg, jpeg, png or gif file and upload it here.
  4. DESCRIPTION: Describe what users can expect to find in this document/resource.
    • Click on ‘Edit Summary’ if you’d like to enter a brief (1-line) summary.
  5. DOCUMENT: If the document isn’t already available online, you can upload it here.
  6. RESOURCE URL: Insert the link to the document on another website.
  7. ORGANISATION: Start typing the first few letters of the organization and wait for auto-complete suggestions to appear, then select the relevant organization.
  8. AUTHOR: Enter the author’s name, if relevant.
  10. COUNTRY/REGION*: select whether the document/resource is Global in nature, or relates to a particular Region or Country, then select the particular region or county. For countries, start typing the first few letters of the country and wait for auto-complete suggestions to appear, then select the relevant country/ies. NB More than one can be selected using Shift/CTRL.
  11. THEMATIC AREA: Select using the CTRL key to choose multiple themes, if required.
  12. KEYWORDS: Enter several to aid users in finding this document/resource. Start typing the first few letters of the keyword and wait for auto-complete suggestions to appear, then select the relevant keyword. More than one can be entered.

  1. Click ‘SAVE’ at the bottom of the page.
  2. CHECK that the new document/resource is appearing in the 'Contributed resources' section of your profile page.  

All content uploaded to the Hub by registered members is first screened by the Hub facilitators for relevance, as per the Code of Conduct, before being added to the Hub's resource base. You can view the content you have uploaded to the Hub at any time under your Hub profile.