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19 Jul 2019 - The 2019 World Resources Report launched today looks at five "courses" to achieve a “sustainable food future” including increasing fish consumption and supply. Read the full report from UNDP, WRI, the World Bank, UN Environment, INRAD and CIRAD.

Fish, including finfish and shellfish, provide only small percentages of total global calories and protein, but they contribute 17 percent of animal-based protein, and are particularly important for more than 3 billion people in developing countries. We project fish consumption to rise 58 percent between 2010 and 2050, but the wild fish catch peaked at 94 million tons in the mid-1990s and has since stagnated or perhaps declined. This course proposes ways to improve wild fisheries management and raise the productivity and environmental performance of aquaculture.

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: http://www.sustainablefoodfuture.org/course/increase-fish-supply-synthesis

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World Resources Institute (WRI)
Food security
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Sustainable fisheries