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24 Jul 2019 - The stakes are high for the Pacific, where the pulse of an ailing ocean is sounding a warning for the future of its 12 million people.

Whatever the issue- stronger storm surges, rising temperatures in an already warm ocean, overfishing, plastic and marine pollution, or undersea mining, the impetus is quickening towards a framework that offers something for everyone who has anything to do with the ocean.

It's that sense of urgency towards making every moment of the the UN decade for the Ocean count which has brought together a unique blend of civil society activists, oceans scientists, journalists, and development specialists to a three day regional workshop at the Noumea headquarters of the Pacific Community.

Deputy Director General Cameron Diver says the secretariat, working with other regional agencies on the Pacific response to the UN Oceans Decade, has the team that will turn around a worrying report card on the Oceans.

A focus on regional approaches and consensus gives this region of small island coastal states bloc power on the global stage; and it's a strength Diver says he will also lean on when it comes to the effort, engagement and transformation that needs to happen.

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: https://www.spc.int/updates/blog/2019/07/if-the-ocean-goes-so-do-we-pacific-preps-for-un-ocean-decade-2021

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