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The project “Improving coverage and management effectiveness of marine and coastal protected areas – Phase II” was approved on June 2017. It is a 4 -year project with a budget 1 million Euro financed by the Italian Government through the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS). The implementing partner is the National Agency for Protected Areas (NAPA) as the representative and line agency of the Ministry of Environment and Tourism. The project is executed by UNDP. The main project stakeholders are the local government authorities in the coastal areas, mainly Vlora Municipality, the coastal Regional Administration of Protected Areas, especially Vlora one, research institutions such as University of Vlora, NGOs; private sector - notably the fisherman organizations of Vlora, the hotels and tour operators and; local communities living in and around the coastal areas, especially around Karaburuni - Sazani Marine Park.

The project objective is to ensure an effective management of the coastal and marine environment of Albania, develop scientifically based and stakeholder supported network of marine and coastal protected areas, which considers the entire ecosystem including humans and aims to maintain healthy, productive and resilient ecosystems.

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UNDP Albania
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Marine ecosystems