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12 Jul 2019 - 7 out of 9 National Focal Points of the SAPPHIRE project are women. Nairobi Convention states, the GEF and UNDP are committed to achieving gender equality and women’s empowerment as a core element of improved ocean governance. Read about more progress:

On 25-27 June 2019, Focal Points for the Western Indian Ocean Large Marine Ecosystem Strategic Action Programme Policy Harmonization and Institutional Reforms (SAPPHIRE) project met for the first-ever Project Steering Committee (PSC) Meeting in Durban, South Africa. The GEF-funded SAPPHIRE project, executed by the Nairobi Convention and implemented by UNDP, is designed to promote ocean governance by supporting necessary policy and legal reforms, investments and capacity building requirements.

As this was the first-ever PSC meeting, members were active in reviewing terms of reference of committees, annual work plans, multiyear budget allocations, project result framework, and project management and coordination structures at national and regional levels. By the end of the two-and-a-half-day session, the PSC had approved the Terms of Reference for itself and the project’s National Intersectoral Coordination Committee (NICC), whose roles will be to coordinate the implementation of project activities at the national level. PSC members also approved the 2019 Annual Work Plan and multi-year project budget. Additionally, PSC members reviewed the project result framework and recommended developing new outcome indicators, giving a mandate to the Nairobi Convention Secretariat to do so.


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