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Indonesia - The Indonesian Waste Platform (IWP) was established in October 2015 as a 'hub' connecting stakeholders who are involved in solutions on land-based and marine-based waste from all sectors and regions in Indonesia and abroad.

IWP promotes and facilitates cross-sector and cross-border collaboration, the forming of a common-shared vision, strategy and action plans.

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IWP website

IWP's Facebook page

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Indonesian Waste Platform (IWP)
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Nina van Zinnicq Bergmann (van Toulon)
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Marine pollution
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Elshinta Suyoso-Marsden's picture

Elshinta Suyoso... said:

Hi Nina, I'm interested to get involve in this joint effort and the foreseeable action plans and together promote our healthy oceans using communications campaign approach. Let me know, thanks in advance.

Nina van Toulon's picture

Nina van Toulon replied:

Nina van Toulon's picture

Nina van Toulon replied:

Hello Elshinta, Thanks for your message. Please join at Indonesian Waste Platform website (http://www.indonesianwaste.org/en/home/) , you can list yourself there as stakeholder, via this link: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/Z7Y6DBS

And this is the FB forum, please join there too and meet others who are active in various locations in Indonesia and various sectors.

We need more people who can help share news relevant to Indonesian waste issues, so in case time please help :) For example share links to publications in national press.

Kind regards, Nina