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MVUVICARD (fishers ID card) is a SMARTID portal that used smartID coupled with portable iometric readers of registered fisherfolk in Kenyas Lamu county ( a Unicef world heritage sit) in each Beach management unit (BMU) for easy, rapid Identification & Verification.

Each smartID carries image, biodata, biometrics on both the face of the card an in the memory of the card. This enables fast and efficient identification of genuine fisher by the marine police and border patrol. enhaces security, provides ID and dignity to the fisher and wards of counterterrorism threat in the Lamu Archipelago.

Rather than a use control measure, the SmartID is an enablement feature that uses data for safety, security , commerce and preservation.

We maintain a comprehensive cloud based database with information syncronised from individual BMUs via the internet and utilised by the fisheries department to better oversee these distant ports from a single window.

Using BMU (beach co-op) clusters makes for easy management, information dissemination, the SmartID is small, unobtrusive and does not encumber the user and it provides a multiplicity of data that is in keeping with GDPR regulations protecting privacy of the individual while at the same time providing usable data.

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