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6 Jun 2017 - A concerted global effort to restore and protect the world's Large Marine Ecosystems and broader ocean would not only reap the environmental benefits of a much healthier ocean, and protection of hundreds of millions of ocean-dependent livelihoods and economies, but also lead to sizeable transformations in a number of key ocean using and affecting sectors that would in turn create large numbers of net new jobs, reducing unemployment and therefore stimulating positive economic growth and development.

The LME Approach to the assessment and management of coastal ocean goods and services has provided, and will continue to provide, a unifying strategy for meeting the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It provides a regional framework and science-informed process for countries to achieve these goals through the TDA-SAP process.

Brochure available here: The Large Marine Ecosystem Approach: An Engine for Achieving SDG 14

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