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When we come together, great things happen. There is a unique power when two or more people gather to achieve a common goal. The key word is interdependence. It simply means we cannot do anything by ourselves. If that was the case then, we would never exist because no one would care for us early in our infant life.

Our marine life is the backbone for all biological evidence linked to evolution of many organisms over millions of years. I simply cannot imagine a life without feeling the ocean breeze on a holiday or while working. This feeling might still be there but the sea life is at risk and since we are responsible for the level of pollution, we have no option but to reverse that which we created.

Many at times we do not know the effects of pollution until our health is put at risk. We do not want to reach a level where our oceans will choke and take all that is in it. We cannot let that happen. Our grandparents were far less populated compared to our generation today. Unlike them, a large majority do not know about their role in keeping our environment clean. Or if they do, they knowingly do not take the necessary measures to create a culture of taking care of our oceans through eco-friendlyliving.

We the youth are the future. If we do not act and stand up for what is right for all of us, who will?

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