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The blue economy has a great potential to contribute to higher and faster GDP growth in Kenya. Innovation and growth in the coastal, marine and maritime sector could deliver food, energy, transport, among other products and services and serve as a foundation for sustainable development in Kenya. Diversifying the country’s economy beyond land-based activities and along its coastal, marine and maritime sector is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and delivering smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. This is especially important in the context of the accelerated growth that the country is experiencing without any concomitant reduction in poverty.

This policy brief aims to raise awareness of the importance of the blue economy to Kenya. It does this by defining the blue economy and its components to show how Kenya can leverage the blue economy’s forward and backward linkages with the various sectors of the economy. The policy brief provides reflections on the necessary policies that should be implemented to leverage the blue economy for sustainable development and inclusive growth in Kenya and Eastern Africa region. It also serves as a building block for further development of policies to support the blue economy in the region.

This policy brief is an input to Sustainable Blue Economy Conference that will be hosted jointly by Kenya and Canada in Kenya, 26-28 November 2018.

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