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15 Jan 2018 - The initiative is the youth tribute to the national heroes who sacrificed their lives for Timorese independence. 

With fond memories of the national heroes of Timor-Leste, on 7 December 2018, approximately 150 youth volunteers teamed up and spent three days together in a camp, ‘Peace Fishing Camp’ in Hera of Dili. The camp concluded with the renewed spirit and the commitment to promote ecotourism, biodiversity, and raising awareness about mangrove conservation

The fishing camp, with the slogan, ‘Healthy Ocean, Bring Peace to Everyone,’ was jointly organized by Kail BA DAME, Leste-News, Independent-News, and Com Norma (Inc) in partnership with national and international agencies, including UNDP’s Coastal Resilience Building Project. Mr. Acacio Guterres, Director General of the Fisheries, and Roni Pati Tpoi from the UNDP among others shared and sensitized youth about mangrove conservation. Mr. Guterres in his address, asked all youths to continue this mission.

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: http://www.tl.undp.org/content/timor_leste/en/home/newscentre/articles/2018/mangroves-restoration-for-healthy-ocean-.html

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