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The Marshall Islands is one of the most vulnerable nations in the world to the impacts of climate change and has economies that are dependent on declining fisheries. Comité des ressources locales de l’atoll de Namdrik is promoting a model of community self-sufficiency, local food security and adaptation.  Traditional crops such as breadfruit, taro and native pandanus have been reintroduced to protect and restore soil, improve food security and open value-added secondary processing industries for local communities.  A pearl hatchery provides jobs and provides a revenue stream to fund community development projects in education and health.  

Shoreline restoration has been undertaken through planting indigenous mangrove species.  Training in rainwater harvesting is providing the community with access to safe drinking water, and access to solar technology is providing the community with a source of renewable energy.  The initiative is community-owned, fueled by local leadership and has provided a sustainability model that has been replicated in other atoll communities across islands in the Pacific.

SOURCE: http://equatorinitiative.org/index.php?option=com_winners&view=winner_detail&id=113&Itemid=683&lang=en

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