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19 Dec 2016 - Ecuador's National Assembly approved the "Codigo Organico del Ambiente" (COA), the National Environmental Code, integrating and updating all the country's environment-related laws. COA's Art.277 on management of biodiversity, fisheries and marine aquaculture, explicitly mention ocean acidification as a matter of national concern for marine-related production sectors and ecosystems.

It is now under review by the President for partial or total approval.

It was proposed to include Ocean Acidification during the second debate of the Code project, presented by Patricia Castillo-Briceno and Francisco Navarrete-Mier (Equatorial Biome and Ocean Acidification (EBIOAC) group, Manta, Ecuador), after three years promoting the subject among academic institutions and working with stakeholders and policy makers.

If finally approved, it will be among the pioneers in Latin America to explicitly include Ocean Acidification in the National Laws, and doing so based on scientific recommendations.

Read more [in English]: http://www.elciudadano.gob.ec/en/ecuadorian-national-assembly-approves-environmental-code/

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