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6 Mar 2017 - More than €7m of EU funds is to be invested in projects to help protect the marine life and fisheries industry in Wales and Ireland.

The funding will support a scientific investigation of the opportunities and risks posed by climate change in the Irish Sea, and the deployment of technology to reduce energy costs and help businesses develop new products and processes.

Both projects are being funded through the EU’s Ireland-Wales co-operation programme, which is helping to strengthen economic links and cross-border collaboration between the two countries.

Welsh Government Finance Secretary Mark Drakeford said: “These projects bring together expertise from both nations to support an industry in Wales and Ireland that shares the same opportunities, challenges and resources within the Irish Sea.

“Collaborative schemes like these are why we are clear about the advantages to Wales of ongoing access to territorial co-operation programmes, including the Ireland-Wales programme, when the UK leaves the EU.”

Irish Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Paschal Donohoe added: “This is a clear demonstration of our continuing commitment to the programme. It also underlines the importance of EU funding for scientific research into areas of shared interest.”

Around €5.5m of EU funds will support the Bluefish marine science partnership, which will investigate the effects of climate change in the Irish Sea on the sustainability of fish and shellfish. CONTINUE READING: http://www.walesonline.co.uk/business/farming/new-european-money-help-protect-12699669

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Chris Kelsey
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