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28 Jul 2020 - The Global Mangrove Alliance and partners have launched the new Global Mangrove Watch, the world’s most comprehensive mangrove monitoring tool. The Global Mangrove Watch is an online platform that provides synthesized remote sensing data and tools, built to catalyse the action needed to protect and restore mangroves worldwide. It gives universal access to real-time data on where and what changes there are to mangroves around the world, and highlights why they are valuable in multiple contexts.

At the launch event, the scientists behind its creation gave a live demonstration and walk-through of the tool, as well as shared stories of how the Global Mangrove Watch is being applied in the field and in policy-making arenas, and how collaborators and the Global Mangrove Alliance will apply it to catalyse action in the future.

WATCH the videos here to learn more: http://www.mangrovealliance.org/first-look-global-mangrove-watch

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Global Mangrove Alliance
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Marine ecosystems