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7 Oct 2020 - Kelping Hands is a brand-new, pharmaceutical-grade, hand sanitizer made from a species of seaweed found on the west coast of British Columbia. It is believed to be the only seaweed-based hand sanitizer product currently on the market in Canada and the US. 

In the spring of 2020, as the coronavirus pandemic set in around the world creating global shortages of hand sanitizer and wreaking havoc on institutions like the Vancouver Aquarium, 25-year-old scientist Majid Hajibeigy started thinking.

Majid is the founder and owner of Canadian Pacifico Seaweeds, a boutique seaweed aquaculture business with roots on the far west coast of Vancouver Island in a tiny town called Bamfield (population: 179).

Through his business, Majid strives to raise the profile of seaweed as a superfood, eco-friendly animal feed, and long-term carbon sink. And now, as the key ingredient in a new hand sanitizer product.

Kelping Hands, a new seaweed-based hand sanitizer, is available from the Vancouver Aquarium’s online store. Proceeds support Ocean Wise and the Vancouver Aquarium.


CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: https://www.aquablog.ca/2020/09/new-seaweed-hand-sanitizer-is-good-for-your-hands-and-good-for-the-earth/

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