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23 Nov 2020 - The Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) and ITN Productions Industry News have co-produced Ocean Aware, a short film that draws attention to the challenges facing the ocean, explaining the mechanisms we have to defend them and steward their resources. It showcases the stories of science, innovation and sustainability that are transforming the marine sector.

Ocean Aware aims to shine a light on the web of international governmental organisations tasked with ensuring the safety of shipping, safeguarding the environment and finding ways to equitably share ocean resources. It explains the opportunities open to IMarEST members to influence discussions taking place in these bodies and shape future regulation by contributing their expertise.

In addition to interviews with IMarEST President Kevin Daffey and Jennifer Gomez-Molina, Co-Chair of the IMarEST Offshore Renewables Special Interest Group, the programme features segments from organisations that are addressing some of the key challenges facing the marine domain.

It outlines the UN's efforts to tackle biofouling and the threat of invasive species and an initiative by the insurer AXA XL aimed at supporting the restoration of mangroves to protect communities threatened by rising sea levels.

The shipping, energy and commodities analyst S&P Global sheds light on the relationship between commercial imperatives and environmental goals. The quest to run vessels efficiently and sustainably is the subject of a piece from the fuel testing experts VPS. The final segment in cooperation with Seaflo reveals how enhanced simulator and digital technologies are set to improve the delivery of training to people working in the sector.

Watch the film here: https://www.imarest.org/

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