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18 Mar 2017 - OUR ocean demands a transformative action to ensure the sustainable future for Pacific peoples.

And Pacific Ocean Commissioner Dame Meg Taylor has, therefore, called for transformative change in the way the Pacific Ocean is managed.

Speaking at the Pacific Regional Preparatory Meeting Towards the Ocean Conference in Suva on Wednesday earlier this week, Dame Meg acknowledged the work done so far as the region prepared for the United Nations Conference on Oceans.

The conference will take place in June later this year, underlining the importance of partnerships and the alignment of governance structures.

"A strong enabling environment, including tracking the region's progress towards the Sustainable Development Goal on Oceans (SDG 14), improving development effectiveness, having strong public financial management for ocean financing, a strong private sector and resilient infrastructure are underpinning imperatives," Dame Meg said.

"Such transformative change needs to be in our attitudes and approaches for sustainable outcomes. Effective partnerships will be a vital way forward for delivery of SDG14."

She said there was a need to more clearly articulate what partnerships and what features of those partnerships were necessary for an integrated and coordinated approach to SDG14 in our region. CONTINUE READING HERE: http://www.fijitimes.com/story.aspx?id=393346

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