Ocean Action Hub

The Ocean Action Hub hosted a series of e-discussions over the course of the preparatory process for The Ocean Conference to engage stakeholders in assessing the challenges and opportunities related to delivering on SDG-14 implementation. Bringing together governments, UN agencies, intergovernmental organizations, international financial institutions, NGOs, civil society organizations, academic institutions, the scientific community, private sector, philanthropic organizations and other actors.

Each discussion focused on one of the agreed Partnership Dialogue themes and implementation of relevant SDG targets, with the first discussion launched following the conclusion of the February 2017 Preparatory Meeting in New York.

Aim of the Ocean Forum

  • Bring together a broad range of stakeholders to discuss the thematic area, share experience, best practice and effective strategies, tools and approaches for achievement of relevant SDG-14 targets;
  • Stimulate action, cooperation and partnerships that can lead to voluntary commitments to the conference and SDG-14;
  • Contribute towards the draft of the Call for Action to be released after the Ocean Conference;
  • Enrich the on-going preparatory process with examples of stakeholder knowledge and initiatives, identify expertise and solutions and look at how these might be deployed in the implementation of SDG-14;
  • Connect with different networks, groups and individuals around the world working toward the future of our Ocean;
  • Raise awareness of the conference and its objectives and provide a platform for all voices to be heard..

Outcomes of the Ocean Forum

  • A report prepared following each discussion and published on the Ocean Action Hub summarised the discussions;

  • The final summary reports of each discussion were distributed to the Conference Co-Facilitators, Member States and other stakeholders as inputs to The Ocean Conference Partnership Dialogues, Call for Action and Voluntary Commitments processes.

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