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21 Oct 2020 - ‘Ghost gear’ is damaging sea habitats and killing wildlife. Up to one million tonnes of fishing gear is left in the ocean each year, creating “deadly” debris for marine mammals, seabirds and sea turtles, conservationists have warned.

The WWF has said “ghost gear” of lost, abandoned or broken nets, lines and ropes makes up at least 10 per cent of marine litter and is the most likely type of plastic debris to prove fatal to marine wildlife.

The wildlife charity warned in a report on the issue that ghost gear was also damaging valuable sea habitats and tourism spots, with the debris continuing to catch fish long after it had been lost.

WWF has called on more governments to join leaders from 40 countries who are supporting a UN treaty on marine plastic pollution and called for more work to control ghost gear.

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The Independent
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Conrad Duncan
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Marine pollution