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Blue Bio Value Final Pitch Event

Now, more than ever, the world is looking to science and innovation to provide solutions to critical problems facing the planet.

From feeding a growing population, to climate change mitigation and adaptation, it is crucial that we work towards a more resilient future.

The Blue Bio Value Acceleration Program aims to accelerate the transition to a sustainable blue economy. It is seeking innovative startups working to be a part of this new paradigm, providing them with the tools, network and guidance to bring their blue solutions to the market.

Promoted by Oceano Azul Foundation and Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Blue Bio Value accelerated 14 startups during its 3rd Edition with the support of its partners -  Fábrica de Startups and Bluebio Alliance.

Online registration is open for the Final Pitch event of the Blue Bio Value Accelerator 3rd Edition, to be held October 29, at 3.30pm (Lisbon Time).

Join the mission to accelerate the transition to a global, sustainable blue bioeconomy and promote a healthy and productive ocean for all.

To attend the event, register here.