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Africa Blue Economy Forum 2019

Africa Blue Economy Forum 2019 takes place from 25 to 26 June in Tunisia.

Africa Blue Economy Forum 2019 takes place from 25 to 26 June in Tunisia.

Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF) is about bold new thinking to accelerate Africa’s structural transformation and create jobs for a young population on the rise.

It offers an ideal opportunity for businesses and policy makers to understand, explore and invest in the blue economy, harness its potential and create a sustainable business model for the future.

Africa’s maritime industry is estimated at around US$1 trillion per year, covering a large variety of sectors including fisheries, aquaculture, tourism, transport, oil and gas, ports and trade, energy, seabed mining and so on.

ABEF’s objective is to explore the unique investment potential of the continent’s growing ocean economy and the synergies between traditional and new emerging industries, whilst promoting the Blue Economy sustainability principles to secure long-term prosperity and inclusive growth across the continent.

Why attend ABEF2019?

  • Insider access to government leaders and ocean and sustainability experts
  • Cutting-edge dialogue assessing today’s pressing issues to achieve SDG 14
  • High-level insights from thoughtful leaders and action-oriented discussions
  • Case studies sharing practical experiences and solutions from the field
  • Presentation of investment opportunities in traditional and emerging ocean industries
  • Introductions facilitating partnerships with African and international experts to achieve sustainable best practices
  • Expanded networking opportunities

TO LEARN MORE AND REGISTER, VISIT: https://abef2019.com/

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Africa Blue Economy Forum 2018

On 7-8 June 2018, London will be celebrating the World Oceans Day by hosting the first edition of the Africa Blue Economy Forum (ABEF). 

Recognising Blue Economy as a major source of wealth and prosperity for the continent, the forum will bring together government officials as well as high-level experts, investors, businesses, policy leaders, international organisations, civil society, public institutions and other opinion leaders to highlight and debate on the wide range of opportunities emerging from Africa’s aquatic and marine spaces. 


- Learn about the potential of Africa’s Blue Economy and how it can create sustainable growth on the continent;

- Meet with ESG and impact investors, decision makers and government officials who can drive scalable, sustainable investment in the ocean;

- Discuss policy challenges and frameworks to attract more sustainable investments in the oceans; 

- Discover investments opportunities and emerging blue industries in the ocean economy; and

- Build strategic partnerships with the public and private sectors to develop sustainable best practices and help shape Africa’s future.

Venue: Radisson Blu Portman Hotel, London

FOR MORE DETAILS: https://www.abef2018.com/