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Symposium: SDG 14 Pacific commitments - 2018 Action Agenda
Half-day symposium for the Pacific was held in Suva, Fiji, under the patronage of Ambassador Peter Thomson, to review the Call for Action voluntary commitments globally and for the Pacific.

The high-level United Nations Conference to support the implementation of Sustainable Development Goal 14: Conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development was held at the United Nations Headquarters in New York from 5 to 9 June 2017. 

It adopted an agreed declaration in the form of a "Call for Action" and a report containing the co -chairs' summaries of the partnership dialogues, as well as a list of voluntary commitments for the implementation of Goal 14. One of the outcomes of the UN Ocean Conference was the appointment of Ambassador Peter Thomson as the Special Envoy for the Ocean to lead UN’s advocacy and public outreach efforts to ensure the outcomes and the voluntary commitments are implemented. In the Pacific context, the PIDF hosted the 1st high level Pacific Blue Economy Conference (PBEC) in August 2017, building on the outcomes of the UN Ocean Conference and in Bonn, the COP23 Fiji Secretariat launched the Ocean Pathways Partnership initiative. 

This half day symposium for the Pacific was held, under the patronage of Ambassador Peter Thomson, to review the Call for Action voluntary commitments globally and for the Pacific, to present and promote participation in the nine thematic multi-stakeholders Communities for Ocean Actions platforms and finally to discuss regional activities to be taken up in 2018 in pursuit of SDG14 implementation in the Pacific.

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Pacific Year for the Ocean 2017

Pacific Year for the Ocean: 

My Ocean Matters

Pacific Year for the Ocean: 

My Ocean Matters

The  Leaders  of  the  members  of  the  Pacific  Islands Development  Forum  (PIDF), gathered  in  Honiara, Solomon Islands, for the 2016 Leader’s Summit of the PIDF. With a theme of  Stewardship for Healthy Oceans & Healthy Nations, one  of  the  resolutions of the meeting was proclaiming 2017 the Pacific Year for the Ocean. The  Leaders  encouraged  PIDF  members  and  all  other organisations active in the  Pacific  to  have  focused  activities for the observance of  the Pacific  Year  for  the  Ocean undertaken at the local, national and regional levels. We need the participation of all groups and  citizens, to increase awareness on the  contribution of the Oceans to our livelihoods, the threats that they face and the steps that need to be taken to protect them. Pacific  Islands’ health, wealth,  history,  culture  and identity are greatly supported by the ocean and their survival and in the future it will continue to do so. 

The biodiversity of our common ocean is a significant resource. Our  sustainable development  is  inherently connected with the health of the oceans. Careful management of this essential global resource is key to a sustainable future.We ask every one in the pacific region to make a call with one  collective pacific voice that “my ocean matters”.

The  campaign  theme  is  designed  to inspire  a campaign  on two fronts, acting as rallying call for global and regional ocean advocates, while  offering  national  programmes,  community groups and individuals the opportunity to show how they will contribute towards this  sustainable  development related goal.  

PIDF continues to encourage recognition of the value of our oceans and enhancing collaboration in achieving the SDG 14 targets. But  we  cannot  do  it  alone!  We need  everyone  and anyone with similar passion for sustainable oceans.

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Pacific Blue Economy Conference

For the period of 21st - 25th August, 2017 the Biennial Conference of the Pacific Islands Development Forum is scheduled to be held in Honiara, Solomon Islands.  Under Article 8 of the PIDF Charter

the Institutional and Organisation of the PIDF shall comprise:

  1. The Conference;
  2. The Leaders’ Summit;
  3. The Member’s Representative Council (MRC);
  4. National Sustainable Development Board; and
  5. The Secretariat.

The Biennial Conference shall see the meeting of the Members Representative Council, the Leaders’ Summit and the Conference. Its various constitutes are articulated in the Charter with specific functionary role and duties that is to be performed in the meet.

The Meet will also see PIDF host the first Pacific Blue Economy Conference in Honiara. This shall be a knowledge platform, where the Government, Private Sector and Civil Society shall look at the path ahead concerning Blue Economy- Ocean business and map out a pathway to address the capitalization of the growing ocean economy, the prospect of better regulation and ocean management, heightened expectations from investors, resource owners and consumers, and how to square a declining health of the ocean with search of profit.

Objectives and Scope

In the backdrop of the UN Conference on Oceans and Seas scheduled for June 2017and the UNFCCC COP 23 meeting in Bonn in November 2017, the PIDF 2017 Biennial Conference theme is timely for PICTs: “A sustainable Ocean in a Changing Climate”. For the PIDF grouping this shall be an opportune time to consolidate on common positions and prepare for the UNFCCC Bonn meeting in supporting the Fiji presidency of COP 23.

The Biennial Conference shall consist of the following:

  • The Conference;
  • Leader’s Summit;
  • Members Representative Council Meeting;
  • Pacific Blue Economy Conference

Expected Outcomes

The main deliverable of the Conference shall be a comprehensive Outcome document, a “Honiara Declaration” articulating a common position for PICTs to take to the UNFCCC COP 23 meeting in Bonn .

Organisation of the Biennial Conference

The Biennial Conference shall take place on 21st – 25th August 2017 in Honiara, Solomon Islands at a venue to be announced.

The PIDF, and the Conference and the Government of Solon Islands will seek to engage a broad base of partners in the organization of the Biennial Conference, inviting regional and global partners to organize parallel sessions, launch new initiatives, participate with exhibition materials, or organize associated events.


The  theme  shall  be “A sustainable Ocean in a Changing Climate”.  Small steps have been taken in COP 21 in Paris and COP 22 in Marrakesh in bringing the Ocean into formal climate-change agreements. There is now urgency as the science begins to unravel worrying consequence of climate-related impacts on Oceans and Seas as evidence of accelerating impacts on the ocean and coasts accumulates.

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1st High-level Pacific Blue Economy Conference

Knowledge and Exchange Platform Towards a Blue Economy for the Pacific Islands

Knowledge and Exchange Platform Towards a Blue Economy for the Pacific Islands

Date: 23 -24 August 2017 | Location: Honiara, Solomon Islands

The largest place on the planet is in trouble. Oceans cover about 70% of the Earth's surface, and ocean ecosystems generate at least US$21 trillion in economic benefits each year. But a perfect storm of massive challenges, from collapsing fisheries to plastic pollution to ocean warming and ocean acidification, is threatening the integrity of marine ecosystems. These threats put at risk the essential benefits Pacific people receive from our healthy ocean: sustainable fisheries, coastal protection, carbon sequestration, and coastal economic activities including marine tourism and community livelihoods. We simply can not survive - let alone prosper - if we do not reverse the destruction of the Pacific ocean's natural capital. In order to provide transformative change and to turn these threats into opportunities, the Pacific Islands Development Forum (PIDF) Leaders approved for PIDF to organize the 1st High-level Pacific Blue Economy Conference (PBEC) on 23-24 August 2017. It will bring together Governments, Civil Society, Private Sector, regional organizations, development partners and the academia and will focus on the outcomes of the Ocean Conference on SDG 14. It will identify the opportunities the blue economy offers Pacific Islands in order to sustainably manage and conserve their ocean resources for the benefit of their economies and people. The Pacific Blue Economy Conference will be the lead up to the PIDF Biennial Conference - "Sustainable Oceans in a Changing Climate" to be held on 24 August 2017.

For further information, contact:

Ms. Arpana Pratap | Team Leader Member Capacity | Mobile: (679) 946 9433 | apratap@pacificidf.org