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The Ocean Conference Newsletter - from Co-Presidents Sweden & Fiji

May 2017 edition | #SaveOurOcean -

Voluntary Commitments:

Member States, non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, businesses, philantrophies, civil society organizations, the scientific community and United Nations entities continue their mobiliziation to accelerate efforts to #SaveOurOcean.

With over 160 commitments registered mid-May, the Voluntary Commitments Registry (oceanconference. un.org/commitments) contains inspiring initiatives from around the world aiming to address the critical condition of our oceans, seas and marine resources. The online registry provides an overview of global efforts to advance the implementation of Goal 14. Commitments registered by the global community have covered all of the seven targets of the Goal.

The online registration of voluntary commitments is straightforward and Member States and other stakeholders are strongly encouraged to register commitments ahead of the Conference. The registry will remain open after the Conference. 

Partnership Dialogues:

The seven partnership dialogues of the Conference will be interactive and action-oriented. The panels are composed of expert panelists and moderators, and chaired by 14 co-chairs from Indonesia, Norway, Palau, Italy, Mozambique, Monaco, Senegal, Canada, Grenada, Estonia, Peru, Iceland, Kenya and Australia.

Speakers who take the floor are encouraged to discuss their voluntary commitments and initiatives to advance Goal 14. Concept papers providing the foundation for each dialogue are available on the Conference website.

Call for Action:

The next round of Call for Action consultations, which are organized by co-facilitators Portugal and Singapore, will take place on 23, 23, and 25 May. After two rounds of negotiations, in March and April, it is paramount that Member States gather around a document that can be adopted by consensus during the June Conference week. Co-facilitators have also engaged closely with other stakeholders during each consultation round. 

CONTINUE READING: https://sustainabledevelopment.un.org/content/documents/14725Newsletter_May.pdf

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CoopeSoliDar Commits to Promote awareness and Implementation of the SSF Guidelines - Voluntary Guidelines for the sustainability of small scale fisheries (SSF)

CoopeSoliDar registers its commitment to help protect the ocean and livelihoods in Belize, Costa Rica, Guatemala and Honduras.

CoopeSoliDar registers its commitment to The Ocean Conference! 

A civil society organization based in Costa Rica, CoopeSoliDar also works in Belize, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Nicaragua. Its commitment to The Ocean Conference is focused on SDG targets 14.2, 14.4, 14.5, 14.a and 14.b.

Founded in 2000, the self-managed social cooperative provides professional services to community groups, including providing support to decision-making processes at different levels, strategic planning, proposal preparation, workshop facilitation, development of management plans in protected areas with community participation, knowledge generation, community use of biodiversity, legislative and policy advice, as well as publication of environmental materials.

Its approach includes strengthening the recognition of traditional knowledge as a key element in generating marine information that promotes the sustainable use of marine resources at the local level; building the capacities of fisher leaders (women and men) regarding the Voluntary Guidelines for securing sustainable small-scale fisheries in the context of food security and poverty eradication, and promoting national and regional policy changes towards the implementation of the guidelines by strengthening the voices of local fishers communities.

Watch Solidar's video about traditional knowledge in fisheries (in Spanish with English subtitles): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wnez-BA6kWo

Read more about CoopeSoliDar’s commitment in the Commitment Registry: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/?id=14945​

Feeling inspired? Register your commitment – big or small – to protect the ocean here: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/