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Phos-Value is an innovative project promoted by AquaInSilico, a Portuguese startup. The two-year project is using digital technologies to help Cape Verde’s wastewater treatment sector to optimize the biological removal and recovery of nutrients, promote the safe use of treated wastewater as biofertilizer, and help reduce wastewater treatment operating costs. 

The project aims to capacitate Cape Verde to better deliver treated water to its population, reducing marine eutrophication and promoting a circular economy business model in the water sector that empowers local communities. Phos-Value’s sustainable solutions will be designed by AquaInSilico’s digital tools to allow wastewater treatment plants treat nutrient-rich effluents and recycle treated water and biofertilizers for agricultural applications.

The financial support from UNDP Ocean Innovation Challenge is boosting the evaluation of the economic, environmental and social impact of Phos-Value’s sustainable solutions implemented at a municipal wastewater treatment plant that does not meet the effluent discharge limits in a coastal area affected by eutrophication and/or hypoxia. AquaInSilico’s digital tools incorporate sophisticated algorithms developed from more than 30 years of in-depth knowledge of biological and chemical processes in wastewater treatment and waste resource recycling.

A set of technical and social output indicators was designed to accelerate progress on SDG14.1 in Cape Verde and support outreach activities with target and affected groups. For this purpose, engagement with the National Agency for Water and Sanitation, a Cape Verde authority responsible for the regulation and integrated management of investments in the water and sanitation sector, Águas de Santiago and the Portuguese Water Partnership was initiated.


AquaInSilico Lda (Project Coordinator, private sector); Ocean Innovation Challenge-United Nations Development Programme (United Nations/ Multilateral body); Agência Nacional de Águas e Saneamento de Cabo Verde (Government); Águas de Portugal Internacional (Public sector); Parceria Portuguesa para a Água (Civil society organization); Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Academic institution)

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