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Conference Room 14, UN Environment Assembly, Nairobi, Kenya

At the Ocean Conference - held in June 2017 at UN HQ in New York, close to 1,400 voluntary commitments for concrete action to advance implementation of SDG 14 were made by governments, the United Nations system, civil society organizations, academia, the scientific community, and the private sector. These commitments, together with the Conference outcome document Our Ocean, Our Future: Call for Action, mark a global breakthrough on the path to sustainable management and conservation of our oceans, seas and marine resources.

To support implementation of the voluntary commitments, the Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for the Ocean, Ambassador Peter Thomson, with the support of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs (UN DESA), is establishing nine clusters of Communities of Ocean Action among all stakeholders making ocean voluntary commitments to spur further action and maintain momentum until the next anticipated Ocean Conference in 2020. Marine pollution, which is addressed through SDG target 14.1, is one of the Communities of Ocean Action that have emerged through the process.

On 6 December 2017 at the UN Environment Assembly (UNEA) in Nairobi, Kenya, Peter Thomson and UN DESA, in collaboration with UN Environment, held an event on Communities of Ocean Action on Marine Pollution. The event heard from various stakeholders on their innovative solutions for tackling marine pollution through their voluntary commitments, and built up the Communities of Ocean Action practitioners on marine pollution.

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The event was open to all participants of UNEA.

If you are interested in providing an update of a marine pollution related Voluntary Commitment, please contact Mr. Ola Goransson, Division for Sustainable Development, UN-DESA, at goranssono@un.org.

More details: https://oceanconference.un.org/index.php?page=view&type=13&nr=2533

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Wednesday, 6 December, 2017 - 10:30
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