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31 May 2017 - The Government of the Seychelles has considered and approved the presentation of four voluntary commitments from the Seychelles to the Ocean Conference to be held in New York between 5th and 9th June 2017.  The four commitments will be part of Seychelles’ strategy towards the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 14 (SDG 14): Life Below Water, which focuses on conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable development. The commitments include:

- Combatting polllution from plastic products - the Seychelles has already banned the import of plastic products, including shopping carrier bags, styrofoam boxes and utensils, etc., since January 2017, and commits to a ban on the use of plastic products by July 2017 and to establishing a waste sorting or recycling center on the main island of Mahe by January 2020.

Seychelles Blue Bond: Transitioning to sustainable artisanal fisheries and strengthening value chain benefits through innovative finance and partnerships - the Seychelles Blue Bond aims to integrate governance and investment, creating a replicable and scalable model for other countries or regions interested in innovative finance for sustainable development of ocean economies. Read more >

Read more about The Seychelles' commitments in the Commitment Registry: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments 

Feeling inspired? Register your commitment – big or small – to protect the ocean: https://oceanconference.un.org/commitments/

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Government of the Seychelles
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The government of Seychelles has considered and permitted the presentation of 4 voluntary commitments from Seychelles to the ocean conference to be held in the big apple among fifth and ninth June 2017.  Do my Assignment the four commitments might be a part of Seychelles’ strategy towards the fulfillment of Sustainable development purpose 14 (SDG 14): existence beneath Water, which specializes in conservation and sustainable use of the oceans, seas and marine resources for sustainable improvement.