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13 Dec 2018 - One of our Ocean Action Volunteers from Cameroon, Nyugah Innocent Fomusoh, recently reached out to us with the following message. His message with his commitment to help #SaveOurOcean even amidst a very challenging situation inspired us with awe. We hope this will melt you heart as well.

The UNDP Ocean Action Hub has been working with over 200 dedicated volunteers covering over 100 countries/territories around the world on our Ocean Action Campaign aimed at respecting and helping #SaveOurOcean.

*** Innocent’s text message to us ***

Good day to you,

This is Nyugah Innocent Fomusoh, Ocean Action Campaign Volunteer from Cameroon. I apologize for the delay registered in completing Wave 1 and 2 of the campaign. I had research a few Organizations through online search but as a result of the ongoing crisis and prolonged electricity and network blackout in Kumbo in the North West Region of Cameroon, I was forced to flee unprepared and couldn't leave with my PC.

I was almost giving up as it's a little difficult researching on phone but the thought of what my little effort would do to save marine life has kept me going.

I have drafted a short note to send out to all my networks and contacts. Could you please review it and provide any suggestions on recommended changes.

Thanks a lot for all your guidance.

With gratitude

Nyugah Innocent

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