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This first Ocean Literacy MOOC aims to empower and enable teachers and students to incorporate Ocean Literacy into educational programmes.

Education in its broader understanding (in both formal and informal settings) serves as a high potential channel to reach young citizens. As a lack of sufficient ‘Ocean Literacy’ has been identified in many countries, this clearly presents a barrier for citizens to engage in ocean-responsible behaviour or consider ocean-related careers.

To overcome this, it is recommended to develop education to provide the capacity to understand environmental issues, to participate in decision-making processes and to bring about changes in behaviour

Ocean Literacy can be seen as a way of incorporating scientific literacy related with ocean issues in practice in education. This scientific literacy not only refers to a person's knowledge of ocean science but also to his or her ability to use this knowledge in making socially responsible decisions.

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Sea Change Project
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Francesca Santoro, Selvaggia Santin and Peter Tuddenham