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This science-policy working paper aims at investigating the connections and misalignments between scientific approaches and evidence related to sustainable fisheries, including marine habitat protection, and policy debates, management approaches and scholarship in the context of ecosystem services. Within this broader context, the current analysis will first explore the science and policy of marine ecosystems and the “ecosystem approach”, then relate this to the scholarship and policy on “ecosystem services”, followed by connections with the literature on poverty alleviation.

The paper was developed in the framework of the MARINE BENEFITS research project, which explores whether and how the legal tool "fair and equitable benefit-sharing," as part of the ecosystem approach, can be integrated with the concept of marine ecosystem services to reduce the systemic poverty of coastal marine societies who depend upon marine resources for both food security and income generation.

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Daniela Diz (Strathclyde Law School, SCELG), Elisa Morgera (Strathclyde Law School, SCELG), Meriwether Wilson (University of Edinburgh, School of Geosciences)
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Sustainable fisheries
United Kingdom