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9 Jan 2019 - UNDP Accelerator Lab set the goal of encouraging colleagues to reduce single-use plastic use at work, assuming that behavior change will be transposed to their lives outside work.

This was to be our first "simple" experiment, as all our colleagues advocate daily for achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and they also know a lot about sustainability. After all, what can go wrong?

After the first month of our experiment, we can say with certainty that things turned out to be not so simple.

For a month, we conducted an information campaign on single use plastic, promoting the importance of reducing the use of this plastic through audio announcements, talking to almost all employees, putting up posters with key messages in strategic locations, making video presentations with the most important data, information and trends in reducing the use of disposable plastic globally as well as locally. We have organized challenges and implemented activities to reduce the total number of waste bins, as well as activities to replace plastic bags with textile ones. We have flooded social networks through UN agency channels with the information that as the UN we are becoming the first single-use plastic-free workspace in Bosnia and Herzegovina. We counted each plastic item our colleagues brought into the building and were repeating the mantra non-plastic is fantastic!

CONTINUE READING ONLINE HERE: https://www.ba.undp.org/content/bosnia_and_herzegovina/en/home/Blog/single-use-plastic-free-workspaces--it-is-possible-.html

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Arijana Drinić, Amina Omićević
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Marine pollution