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8 Jan 2018 - To preserve Belize’s coral reef systems, Fragments of Hope has planted over 119,000 corals. Here UNDP celebrates 25 years of GEF SGP partnerships that foster biodiversity in Belize, including these initiatives:

What goes up must flow down

From the rivers to the deep blue sea, climate change has had a lasting effect in Belize. The coral reefs are dying, and one solution to this colossal dilemma is coral restoration. Fragments of Hope have created a programme funding coral restoration. It has planted over 119,000 corals and provided training and employment, especially for women.

Searching for the invisible fish

The Blue Hole and Half Moon Caye are unique tourist attractions located at the Lighthouse Reef Atoll. The reef is tranquil in variations of blue and green, and a casual visitor might not notice that it has suffered from overfishing.

The Belize Audubon Society has helped 37 fishers and their families create businesses that reduce their reliance on fishing and they also teach sustainable fishing.

Seaweed, the life of the sea

Seaweed plays an integral role in fish health but its population has been declining due to the deterioration of the seas around Belize. The coastal town of Placencia was seeing drastically reduced catches and its economy was suffering.

The Placencia Producers Cooperative Society came up with a solution — seaweed farming — which has provided a new source of income for fishers. Seaweed is harvested and processed as soap, lotion, and even a drink.

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