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9 January 2018 - NEWS RELEASE: The World Ocean Council is kicking off 2018 by partnering with the Sovereign Wealth Fund Institute (SWFI) to focus attention on ocean, coasts and islands at the annual SWFI Institutional Investor Forum (Santa Monica, California, 20-22 February).

The SWFI membership and their annual Investor Forum brings together senior representatives of sovereign wealth funds, pensions, superannuation funds, central bank reserves, endowments. SWFI covers an investor segment with an aggregate Assets Under Management of greater than US$ 30 trillion.

Michael Maduel, SWFI co-founder said “Increasingly, sovereign funds and pensions are allocating capital toward the Blue Economy, but challenges, such as finding suitable opportunities, arise. In order to mitigate these challenges, organizations like the World Ocean Council bring together key stakeholders to discuss ocean thematic investments. SWFI is proud to partner with the WOC to bring the institutional investment community together with the ocean business community to engage on the opportunities for long term investment in a sustainable ocean economy.”

The Institutional Investor Forum’s special “Ocean Day” program on 22 February will consist of dialogue panels dedicated to: 1) Aquaculture, 2) Renewable Energy, and 3) Port/Coastal Infrastructure Resiliency and Adaption. Each panel will consist of CEOs from leadership companies on each of these sectors/issues, as well as investor representatives, with cross-cutting attention to islands.

A special additional 4th session will focus on Small Island/Caribbean investment opportunities - including the “Caribbean Climate Smart Zone”, which was recently launched at the Climate Summit in Paris on 12 Dec 2017 - with high level representatives from investment, industry, government and inter-governmental bodies.

Jacques Demers, co-founder and Managing Partner of AGAWA Fund Management Inc. and Chair of the WOC Ocean Investment Platform Advisory Group, added, “This partnering initiative-between SWFI and WOC is very timely enabling key representatives and decision-makers of institutional long-term investors, such as pension and sovereign funds and insurers to meet directly with ocean industry executives and public policy makers and identify and assess the potential to make investments in appropriate risk adjusted return opportunities (including energy, food, infrastructure, new technologies, resources, decreased carbon emission transportation, etc.) now that ocean related markets are starting to originate same on a steadily increasing scale to attract institutional capital.”

The SWFI Institutional Investment Forum focus on the ocean, coasts and islands in partnership with the World Ocean Council is an unprecedented opportunity to engage the world’s sovereign wealth and pension funds on the investment needs and opportunities of the ocean, coasts and islands.

Information on the overall SWFI Institutional Investment Forum, including registration can be found at: https://www.iinvestorforum.com/

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